Apple To Start Shipping iPad 2 By The End Of February 2011?

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Foxconn Electronics, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple ‘s 
is apparently readying its plants in Shenzen, China to ship the next generation iPad in the next 100 days.
This is according to Digitimes, which is quoting sources from Taiwan based component makers. The report adds that the initial shipments of the iPad will reach 400,000-600,000 units.
According to DigiTimes, Apple had originally intended to start mass production of the iPad 2 by January 2011. However, they have been postponing the shipping schedule by a few weeks because the final firmware for iPad 2 is still under testing. We wonder if this is due to the delay in releasing
is still not ready for full scale production so the next generation iPad will be mainly produced at the Shenzhen plant.
According to initial reports, the original iPad is likely to be phased out when iPad 2 is released. However, with over 7.5 million iPads sold in the first nine months the product launch, the original iPad would certainly make a graceful exit.
Are you waiting to buy the next generation iPad? What’s on your wish list?

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