Apple Selects Backlight Supplier For Next Generation iPad; Indicating No OLED Screen For iPad 2?

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according to a report by Digitimes. A Taiwanese company, Coretronic is supposedly supplying the backlighting units to display vendors Chimei Inolux and LG Display – who in turn would use them to make displays for the iPad. If this news ends up being correct, that would effectively mean the end of the probability of OLED or AMOLED displays making it to the iPad 2. OLED screens as you might be aware does not require backlighting like traditional LCD’s.
. Foxconn Electronics, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple ‘s iPad is expected to start production of the second generation iPad by early 2011. This also means that part vendors will need to ship components by early 2011 to ensure that the production goes unhampered. The iPad 2 production is reportedly already delayed by a few weeks because the final firmware for iPad 2 is still under testing.
We have been hearing rumors of an OLED display making it to the iPad for quite some time now. Back in April 2010, right after the launch of the first generation iPad, there were reports of
. Back then however, OLED screens were not as common as they are now and even with advantages related to their low power usage and better contrast ratios, they were not an attractive proposition. While most of the technical issues have since then been sorted, OLED displays are still marred by production issues and general availability problems. In fact, there have been instances where companies had to change the screen technology of their devices mid way during production cycles and switch to SLCD displays. (Remenber the HTC Desire?) Apple certainly wouldn’t like that to happen to their tablet!
Anyway, following these latest developments, we can effectively confirm that an OLED or an AMOLED display on an iPad is still a distant dream.
Were you looking forward to seeing an OLED display on the next generation iPad?

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