Apple Removes WikiLeaks App From App Store

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You might have probably heard about WikiLeaks by now. TechCrunch reports that Apple has removed the unofficial WikiLeaks application, which gave
Igor Barinov, developer of the
as he has received an email stating that the status of his app has changed to “Removed From Sale”.
Basically the paid app was selling WikiLeaks content (available for free) for $1.99. Its entry into the app store on December 17th was actually surprising, as Apple is usually quite strict and somewhat vague about its app approval standards. WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange are quite controversial, to put it lightly but I’m not sure if the app directly violated anything in Apple ‘s TOS.
In the past couple of weeks corporate biggies Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Bank of America have all tried to disassociate themselves in one way or another from WikiLeaks. If this isn’t some kind of glitch, Apple has plenty company.
Barinov claims that $1.00 from the sale of the WikiLeaks app was donated to WikiLeaks, which left him 40 cents (after deducting Apple ’s share of the revenue).
According to the official response that Business Insider received, Apple has removed the iPhone app from the App Store due to the content. Business Insider reports:
“We removed WikiLeaks because it violated developer guidelines. An app must comply with all local laws. It may not put an individual or target group in harms way.”
Do you think Apple should have removed the WikiLeaks application from the App Store, especially since the information can be accessed using iPhone ’s Safari browser?

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