Apple May Launch 4G Verizon iPhone “Right After Christmas” [RUMOR]

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in the past few weeks. We had written yesterday about a
that hinted at the possibility of a CDMA iPhone .
have published some more interesting details supporting the rumor.
Before we proceed though, it must be made clear that the credibility of the source is not known and so these rumors need to be taken with a pinch of salt. According to the source, the Verizon iPhone is ”
“. Verizon is learned to have already begun stocking their warehouses with the new units that could be made available soon after the official announcement is made.
If a post-Christmas launch sounds a little odd given that it is the end of the shopping season, we hear that this is because of an agreement between Apple and AT&T to let the carrier maximize its shopping season sales before losing exclusivity.
The report also carries a number of other interesting speculations.
writes that the Verizon iPhone could be LTE-supported and that this could be the main marketing message on the Verizon commercials. The device is also expected to be equipped with a multi-band chip for backward compatibility with regular CDMA.
. The source claims that this
was initially supposed to be released as an LTE-only model. However, this plan has been scrapped since then because of insufficient LTE coverage. Apple ‘s plan to support LTE should help carriers to expedite the expansion of the LTE infrastructure.
While it may be preposterous to take all these rumors at face value for the moment, it nevertheless makes sense for Verizon to commence the sale of their iPhones at the earliest – which now appears to be immediately after Christmas.
What do you think? Will you wait until the end of this year to buy a Verizon iPhone 4G? Tell us your views in the comments below.

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