Apple Disables Jailbreak Detection API In iOS 4.2.1

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, which was used by apps to detect if the user’s iDevice was
It looks like the Jailbreak Detection API was bundled with mobile device management (MDM) APIs in iOS 4, which was released in June.
The API made it easier for MDM vendors to find out if the iDevice is jailbroken from an application. Prior to
, they had to implement their own ingenious method to find out if a device is jailbroken.
Jeremy Allen of Intrepidus, leading provider of mobile applications and device security services, explains why a jailbroken iPhone creates a security threat for Enterprise IT:
“When jailbreaking and or rooting a [mobile] device, the goal is to circumvent or disable the pieces of the OS and platform that keep applications in a sandbox and running with limited privileges.
These devices could be difficult, or even impossible, to enforce security policy on as the user can trivially circumvent the policy enforcement without the management servers being aware of it.”
MDM vendors such as Good Technology, MobileIron and Sybase claim that they can still detect if the iDevice is jailbroken without the Jailbreak Detection API. However, Allen cautions that these methods are not foolproof.
It’s not clear why Apple decided to remove or disable the API in iOS 4.2.1 and has declined to comment on it.
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