Apple And Sharp To Build $1.2 Billion Facility For iPhone LCD Displays

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It was just last week that we heard of a news report by Japanese News Paper Nikkei about Apple and Toshiba having ended up in a partnership to build a 1.2 billion dollar facility in China to produce LCD displays for the
. We have yet another report emanating from the same source about Apple and Sharp having tied up with Apple for …well, another 1.2 billion plant in China – again, for making LCD displays for the iPhone .
Now, with the numbers involved in both the reports being uncannily similar, there is a chance the one of the two reports or at least the earlier one was factually wrong.
Anyway, as for the latest report, Apple and Sharp (and not Toshiba) are collaborating to build this $1.2 billion plant in China. Both Apple and Sharp would be sharing the 1.2 billion investment to set the production line up and Apple would be consuming the bulk of the output when production begins sometime in the second half of 2012. Sharp has in the past supplied the bulk of LCD displays for Apple ‘s popular music player, the
The veracity of the earlier report about Toshiba partnering with Apple is being questioned partly because Toshiba has denied these reports.
analysis, the 3.5 inch retina display is the “single most expensive component” accounting for roughly 15 percent of the total manufacturing cost of each iPhone , which is currently supplied by LG or Toshiba.

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