Antid0te: Security Enhancement Tool For Jailbroken iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Will Be Released Soon

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We had reported few days back that Stefan Esser, a German consultant with SektionEins was planning to release a new tool called Antid0te, which will add the
ASLR or Address Space Layout Randomization is a technique that randomizes the memory locations of the files, which subsequently makes it difficult for an injected code to locate the rogue scripts in advance to execute an attack. Esser claims that ASLR will improve security of jailbroken
Esser presented his findings at the Power of Community security conference that was held in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. He has followed it up by providing more details about Antid0te in the form of an FAQ on his blog:
When will it be released?
Media wrongly reported an antid0te release date of 14th December. However this date was never announced from my side. Antid0te will be released once it is ready which should be around 24th of December.
Is it a new jailbreak?
Media wrongly reported that antid0te is a new jailbreak. However this is wrong. Antid0te will be a tool that you can use together with the pwnagetool, redsn0w and maybe greenpois0n jailbreaks.
Will you burn another exploit?
No! Antid0te will be a tool used with already jailbroken iPhones. So there is no additional exploit used.
is antid0te compatible to?
For now all devices are supported at iOS 4.2.1. iPad 3.x will never be supported. Support for iPhone 4 at iOS 4.1 and
4G at iOS 4.1 should be released, too. There most probably will be no support for
and iPod 2G at anything lower than 4.2.1 because their jailbreak is already untethered.
Will antid0te make my iPhone unhackable?
There is no such thing as unhackability. Antid0te will add ASLR to your iPhone . ASLR basicly means that the program libraries, the dynamic linker, the program stack and for some selected binaries also the main binary are loaded at different (random) addresses in memory. This makes the process of exploitation a lot harder. In the general case this means that instead of one security hole the attacker needs atleast another security hole that allows him to determine/leak the memory addresses on your iPhone . Therefore antid0te increases the cost (time, money, resources) for an attacker to write a successfull exploit.
Isn’t ASLR broken?
If you have read somewhere (like in the article comments) that ASLR is broken and can be easily bypassed, you must know that these comments are written by people that maybe have heard/read some things about exploitation but never attempted to actually write a real world exploit. Among real security researchers these comments usually cause a lot of amusement. It is well known that DEP/NX without ASLR and ASLR without DEP/NX are not optimal protections but in combination they are the best exploit mitigation available at the moment. And the
already has DEP/NX in place, so adding ASLR is about time.
Will Antid0te destroy the possibility of future jailbreaks?
Well first of all antid0te by itself will be installed AFTER you jailbreak your device, so that it does not affect the jailbreaking process at all. However in the long run the existence of antid0te might trigger Apple to finally add ASLR to factory iPhones. However Apple ’s current iOS 3/4 design decisions make adding ASLR a not so simple task. Therefore it will take them some time to achieve that. I strongly suspect 2011 to become the year of wide spread mobile phone malware/worms. So
will have to add it at some point. However only time will tell. So yes, if antid0te causes a faster ASLR release for factory iPhones it will make jailbreaking harder in the future. However I strongly believe that a more
factory iPhone is more important than a somewhat easier jailbreaking process.
Antid0te should be available via Cydia. As always, we’ll let you know as soon as Antid0te is released.
Do you plan to install Antid0te on your jailbroken iDevice? Tell us in the comments below.

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