AirPlayer: Hack Enables AirPlay Streaming From iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch To Mac

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The latest version of iOS,
gives users the ability to stream and watch videos from any iDevice to a television. While this is without doubt one of the coolest offerings in the new update, the
, you cannot enjoy this service.
has now developed a new application that will enable users to stream media content from an iDevice to a Mac computer using AirPlay. The software, called AirPlayer, is basically a custom Bonjour service that lets a Mac identify itself as an Apple TV to the AirPlay app. Bonjour, as you may already know, is a service that lets Apple devices communicate with one another in a network. Erica explains that AirPlay is a Bonjour service in itself where communication is restricted between an Apple TV and an iDevice. By letting a Mac identify itself as an Apple TV, the AirPlay functionality can now be extended beyond Apple ‘s set top box.
. The application does not require users to
. However, do note that the native AirPlay service is limited to sanctioned applications like YouTube and iPod app. You may hence need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad that has
installed to access AirPlay from the other apps including Mobile Safari browser.
Erica notes that it is possible to port the AirPlayer software to the Windows and Linux platforms as well but is currently not planning to release applications that are compatible on these platforms. Meanwhile, if you are a Mac user, check out the application from Erica’s website and let us know how it works in the comments below.

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