MyOS – Jailbreak App Allows You To Enable Or Disable iOS Features

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Toggle one or more features and then press the Respring button.
By default, only the default features for your platform are enabled as of version 1.0.1.
● Multitasking – Gives you the user the option to turn Apples native multitasking feature on and off at will.
● Homescreen Wallpapers – The ability to enable and disable Apples own implementation of backgrounds in SpringBoard on and off.
● Unified iPod – Whether you like iPod .app on your iPod Touch or having and on your iPhone , this gives you the choice.
● AppStore – Don't like what the official AppStore has to offer, or want to prevent people from using it? this gives the ability to turn off the AppStore.
● Contacts (iPhone models only) – Stand-alone contacts make no sense when you have the Address Book in using this option you can turn it off.
● HDR (Requires hardware camera) – Enable HDR on unsupported devices or disable it from your iPhone 4, the decision is yours.
● GameCenter (iPhone 3G only) – Enable GameCenter on your iPhone 3G.
● (Requires hardware camera) – Disable the camera on your device.
● Voice Control (Voice control capable devices only) – Disable Voice Control on all supported devices.
and iPod Touch 2G.
MyOS is available on the Cydia App Store for $0.99.
As always, please let us know what you think of MyOSand which feature you're planning to enable or disable using this jailbreak app in the comments section below.

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