Things to Consider Before You Switch To A Verizon iPhone

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For once, it’s not just about the quality of the network.Sure, it does matter – but there are some other underlying issues that you need to be aware of. ”Normal” things you did on your GSM iPhone would no longer be normal when you switch to CDMA. Shall we proceed, then?
One of the most engaging things one can do on the iPhone is web browsing. After switching over, you won’t be able to browse the net and talk on the phone – simultaneously. This is because CDMA doesn’t support this nature of multitasking in its current form.
While this feature might be a tad trivial for some, (who would want to browse the net while talking?) there are people who do it and it would be one of those irritating things they might not want to experience. That said, Verizon is working on bringing the
“I think there are fringe cases where something like that could be important, for a vast majority of customers, I don't think it's a terribly important use case.”
CDMA isn’t much in use in the rest of the world. So, if you happen to be a frequent traveler, you might be better off with your GSM iPhone . In short, your CDMA iPhone would be as valuable as salt in the Dead Sea in most parts of Europe and Asia. Oh and did we say, CDMA eats up battery a lot faster?
Anyway, even with all these deterrents, there are people who mostly care about the network quality and for the same reason would choose to go for the CDMA iPhone . In a recent survey conducted on around 1,645 AT&T iPhone users by Credit Suisse, they found that 23% of users would switch to Verizon simply because it is widely known to have a better network.
AT&T on the other hand, is
its network too. However, the results are not to be seen in places like San Francisco where the AT&T network is still not up to the mark. Another thing to be noted is that Verizon has already started rolling out its 4GLTE network. In lieu of this, we’re left wondering and hopeful that the CDMA iPhone would be LTE ready as well.
Would any of these reasons stop you from switching to Verizon? What would be your reason to jump ship to Verizon?

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