Report Claims Steve Jobs & Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Discussed Ping Over Dinner

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, Apple 's music centric social networking tool that was rolled out with
last month.
Soon after iTunes 10 was launched,Apple was forced to remove the
as Facebook blocked API access asboth parties were unable to reach an agreement after being in talks for at least 18 months. At that time, Jobs had commented that Facebook had set “onerous terms”.
Internally, Facebook employees too were unimpressed by the look and feel of Ping as they felt it was quite similar to that of Facebook. Now six weeks in to the launch of Ping, looks like all love is not lost between the two companies. It seems the two talked at length about the issues between their companies and how they can solve the stalemate and move forward.
Although there is no news of any progress being made so far, we have heard a Facebook executive quip that he is “very confident” that a deal will be struck.
We hope they reach an agreement soon as we're keen to see the functionality brought back.Have you been using Ping? Do you think the Facebook integration would make it even better to discover music? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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