Report Claims Mac OS X 10.7 Will Come With “OS X meets iOS” Interface

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One of the biggest UI changes suggested by the report is the incorporation of an iOS-like scroll bar in place of the current Aqua scroll bars on the Mac platform. These scroll bars are also likely to come with the ”
” features that are popular on the iOS platform.
The report however concedes that Apple may not turn on these scrolling features by default on the new Mac OS X. That is quite possible considering that a lot of Mac users may not want Apple to make drastic changes to the native look and feel of the Mac OS X platform. However, the new features are likely to appeal to the huge population of Mac users who alsoown an iDevice like the
We must point out that these reports are mere speculations at the moment and need to be taken with guarded skepticism. However, the rumors are in line with earlier reports about the possibility for
.Apple already owns one of the most popular touch-based OS platforms in the iOS and it is therefore not unreasonable for the company to bring popular interface elements from this platform to Mac OS X.
What do you think of an iOS-convertible MacBook or iMac? Will you go for one?

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