Real Racing’s Upcoming Online Multiplayer Feature To Allow Users To Race In Real-Time With 4 Players

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Despite its popularity,
has not quite emulated the console gaming experience simply because there is no way to connect to other players online for a multiplayer game.
did let iPhone toting friends connect via Wi-Fi for a multiplayer game, which is still not quite the same as an online game.
. Firemint has announced that their
will soon receive an update that will allow up to 4 players to connect via Game Center to engage in an online racing game. There is no word on when this new update will be made available on the
is receiving a Game Center related update though. Last month, Firemint introduced version 1.24 of
that among other things, also let users with
compatible devices to view their achievements and time trials in the Game Center application. The next update could significantly enhance the popularity of this exciting game.
While we still wait for the new version to be release, you could check out the current version of Real Racing from the App Store, which is currently on sale for $2.99 (
) – a 40% discount.
We can't wait to try out the online multiplayer feature. How about you?

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