Next Gen iPhone Might Enable Remote Portable Computing Using NFC Technology

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For the uninitiated, NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a short range wireless technology that enables devices to communicate with each other to perform simple transactions. This technology has been in use in countries like Japan and South Korea – but is yet to take off in the West.
. This technology could allow iPhone users to run any compatible Mac as their own Mac.
Confused? Well let us explain. The NFC ready iPhone would carry small chunks of data (which includes your applications, settings and data) that it would wirelessly transfer to a Mac near it making it run like it was your own Mac. Once you close the session or when your iPhone goes out of range, the Mac is turned in to a “normal one”. Note that locally stored data on the iPhone would always be small and would include things like bookmarks, passwords and documents.
If the user needs full access to files, music files or pictures or any large amounts of data, it would be sourced from a cloud service that the feature would come bundled with. While all this does sound exciting, we wonder if this technology will be available in the

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