Mac OS X Lion: Apple Brings Innovations From iOS Back To The Mac

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where they can find and buy apps made for the Mac.
It comes with all the features that will make it very easy to discover, buy, download, install and update apps.
Users will also be able to use the apps that they’ve purchases on every Mac they use just like on iOS devices.
The Mac App Store will launch in approximately 90 days from today and Apple has announced that developers can submit apps for inclusion from November.
The Launchpad is more like the home for Mac OS X apps downloaded from the Mac App Store. It is inspired by the home screen for apps on iOS devices.
So just like the home screens, users will see all their apps on the Mac. They will also be able to arrange the apps in folders just the folder feature introduced in iOS 4. So users will also be able to drag and drop apps into folders with intelligent naming.
You will also be able to swipe to see multiple pages of apps just like on the iOS Device.
The name says it all. Mac users will be able to launch apps on your Mac in full-screen mode.
Users will be able to switch between full-screen apps with the swipe of the trackpad.
Apple has merged Exposé, Spaces, Dashboard, and full-screen apps into a single view to give users a view of what’s running on their Mac.
Multitouch gestures will make it even more easier to navigate between things in Mission Control.
Steve Jobs also mentioned that they’ve opted for multitouch gestures on the trackpads in their notebooks, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad rather than on a multitouch screen of a Mac or Macbook as research showed that multitouch on a vertical screen was
These are just some of the features that Apple had previewed at today’s event. Mac OS X 10.7 or Lion is expected to be released in summer 2011.
was spot on.
We would love to find out from our readers who own a Mac, if they like the new features in Mac OS X Lion and from our readers who use Windows if these features will tempt them to switch to a Mac.Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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