Limera1n Out Of Beta; Includes Bug Fixes And Improvements

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RC1:afc2 support, reliability improvements, no reboot for Cydia, 2kb smaller
RC1b:addresses an install issue, mainly with iPads
afc2 support is necessary for tools like iPhone Browser, DiskAid etc to access the file system and allow the transfer of files such as Winterboard themes, NES ROMs, etc to the iPhone .
Because the “untethered” part of this jailbreak comes from a userland hack from @comex,
you should still backup your SHSH hashes for 4.1
. Do this by either letting Cydia keep them (“make my life easier”), or using
. This way you can always come back to an untethered, jailbreakable 4.1 on your devices after Apple has closed their 4.1 signing window (they’ll close the 4.1 window once they push out their next firmware version). If you fail to do this and ever need to restore to 4.1 again, you can still jailbreak but it will be a tethered JB (you’ll need to connect to your computer to finish the booting process, each and every time).
after jailbreaking your iDevice. It will automatically take a backup of the SHSH blobs.
Thanks everyone for the tip!
As always, please let us know how it goes.

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