Glif: Cool iPhone 4 Tripod Mount And Stand

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However, despite its high quality photo and video capturing features, the iPhone 4 does not offer a way for users to clasp the device on a tripod stand like one can do with other cameras.
Glif is a project that is aimed at solving this problem. Started by a hardware developer and an interaction designer from New York, Glif is a nifty accessory that offers a way to clasp the iPhone and mount it over a tripod stand. In addition to this, Glif can also serve as an independent stand to view content on the iPhone at an acceptable angle. Here is a short video from the manufacturers that offers a good preview of this really
Like most projects that struggle to take off due to insufficient funds, Glif developers Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost too have been facing similar challenges in bringing their project to fruition. However, the project has seen a terrific reception at
; a website that helps developers gain pledges from interested buyers in order to develop their projects. Glif has generated close to $100,000 in pledges from users at
in less than two weeks and is in the process of being put into production soon.
will receive the iPhone accessory as soon as it is manufactured. Are you interested in purchasing a unit?

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