‘FullScreen For Safari’ Extension Lets You Browse On Safari In FullScreen Mode

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', as the name suggests, is an extension available on Cydia to jailbroken iPhone users that will enable the native Mobile Safari app to offer a fullscreen window for unobstructed browsing. Once installed, users may simply shake their iPhone to toggle between a fullscreen mode and a normal mode. Alternately, users may also use a three-finger-tap control to enable fullscreen browsing.
Fullscreen browsing is just one of the several new features that the extension brings to the native Mobile Safari app as it also introduces a number of gesture controls. The user may swipe across the screen horizontally with two fingers to navigate between tabs. A similar vertical two finger swipe can be used to either open a new tab or close the existing one. Here is a video demo of the '
at a price of $1.49. While early reviewers of the app have pointed out to frequent crashes, the developer has just released an updated version of the
that fixes the crash problem besides introducing newer gesture controls is already available for download from Cydia.
If you try it out, let us know if you like this new Mobile Safari extension.

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