Father And Son Launch iPhone Into The Skies [Video]

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Explaining his project, Luke Geissbuhler says that the mission was to ”
“. Geissbuhler further explains that such balloon trips are typically affected by the lowering atmospheric pressure, which causes these balloons to gradually grow in size and eventually burst hurtling the whole apparatus down to the ground.
Such balloon trips are also impacted by 100 mph winds that are common in the upper stratosphere that typically shift the position of the balloons drastically. To overcome this issue, Geissbuhler says his team used an iPhone 4 as a GPS device that can be used to track down the location of the ”
” once it has landed back.You can check out an excerpt from the balloon trip in the video embedded below.
Geissbuhler has noted on his website that his team is already gearing up for its next mission. The team is also in the process of publishing a how-to book that will provide all the details necessary for enthusiasts to set up their own ”
” explorations. You can make a book reservation by
While such exploratory projects are indeed common-place among space enthusiasts, it is exciting to see the iPhone being used for such experiments. What do you think?

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