Did Apple Develop A 7-Inch iPad Alongside Current Model?

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These rumors are once again in the news over the past couple of weeks. In an analyst report released earlier this month, Brian White from Ticonderoga Securities revealed details about the next generation iPad model, which he claimed
besides being equipped with features like retina display, a 128GB storage and a mini-USB port.
One of the points made in the latest reports is that Apple has been working on these new variants in preparation for competition from the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab that come with a smaller screen. But according to Jim Dalrymple from
, this may not be the case. In a brief post on the website, he writes that Apple has been toying with tablets of various sizes and form factors all along and that the 7-inch iPad is not exactly a new thing. He further points out that Apple is in no hurry to release this new device simply because the company virtually owns the tablet market and the release of a smaller variant, which is expected to come at a lower price, could effectively cannibalize its own revenues.
Dalrymple's arguments make sense. It is no secret that Apple has been working on a tablet computer for quite a long time. In fact, the design of the original iPhone is noted to have been inspired by these early
prototypes. So it is possible that Apple worked on tablet designs of several sizes, including a 7″ device, before choosing to go with a 9.7″ screen for the iPad.
This is not to say that Apple may not launch the rumored 7-inch display variant. The upcoming version of iOS shall, for the first time, be available for all the iDevices and as you already know, this new OS version is optimized for a retina display. It is quite likely that Apple would want to bring this display technology to the iPad as well. Considering that such a display costs higher, it is possible that Apple may reduce the size of display in order to avoid escalation of costs.
What do you think? Would you be interested in buying a 7-inch iPad or do you prefer the 9.7-inch iPad that is available currently? Let us know your thoughts.

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