Apple In Early Talks To Acquire Spotify? Spotify Says “No” Acquisition Talks

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This is a very interesting development because as recently as last month, Apple was trying to
in the US. Rumors were flying in thick and fast about Apple allegedly convincing record labels that Spotify's business model would be a loss making proposition.
Soon after this, there were rumors of Apple coming up with its
. Now we wonder what changed in a span of a month for Apple to become suddenly interested in Spotify.
Another interesting bit that Techcrunch adds is the fact that Google and Spotify were almost on the verge of a deal last year. The deal, worth over $1 billion however never went through because Spotify demanded an extra $800 million “walk away fee” which Google wasn't interested in paying.
Meanwhile, Spotify has denied having any acquisition talks with Apple .Spotify's spokesman Jim Butcher has issued the following statement:
“We wouldn't normally comment on this kind of speculation, but we wanted to make it clear that we have absolutely no intention of selling Spotify.”
Of late Apple has been involved in a lot of rumors related to acquisitions – and why not? With cash reserves of over $50 billion, the company has enough resources to acquire any decently sized business. Last time we had heard of Apple
– and now we have Spotify.
What do you think about Apple 's possible Spotify acquisition?

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