Apple Getting Ready To Launch iPhone 4 In India

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for the iPhone on Apple 's India website until recently had iPhone 3GS. But iPhone 3GS has just given way to the iPhone 4. Now if that wasn't enough, India's
, the last time we checked was offline. (It still is as we write this post). This could only mean that the Store is being updated to include the iPhone 4 and related accessories in there.
Another reason that we believe the launch is just around the corner is because it is the start of the festive season in India. Indian festivals of Dasera and Diwali are just in a few weeks time (Dasera is underway right now) and this is usually the time of the year most Indians splurge on gadgets. What better time than now to launch the iPhone 4 here.
to lauch a CDMA version of the iPhone in the country.
That said, the iPhone hasn't had a very successful run in India because of the high prices of the device. The outgoing iPhone 3GS for example was sold for around Rs.35,000 ($800) in the country -locked.
Unlike in the US, Indian carriers do not subsidize phones sold through them. The contract system too has never worked in India, which has had a history of unlocked, SIM free phones selling well.
The iPhone , even with its spectacular UI and all its abilities is poor value for money considering the fact that a host of other smartphones are available for much lesser in the country. Nokia, the dominant player in the country has recently launched the N8 here for almost Rs.10,000 ($220) lesser than what its earlier flagship device, the N97 was sold for during its time. All pointing to the fact that, to be successful in India, pricing it right is the key.
It remains to be seen how well Apple prices the iPhone 4 in India, a market that Apple cannot ignore due to its sheer size. India is adding mobile subscribers at an incredible rate of over
If you're a reader from India, we would love to find out how much you will be willing to pay for an iPhone 4, so please drop us a line in the comments section below.
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