Apple Approves ‘IS Drive’ – First BitTorrent App For iPhone And iPod Touch But..

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That said, Apple has been facing constant criticism because of its draconian App Approval process. It was justrecentlythat they seem to have
to the App Store.
This also seems to be a classic example of how one can “get around” the App Store approval process. In case of IS Drive, it’s creator Derek Kepner described the app to be a tool that can be used to manage Imageshacks Bit Torrent services. To be more precise, he has projected it as more of a download manager – than a torrent application. He did not mention the word torrent in the description of the iPhone app, which the App approval staffwould have probably picked up.
What is pertinent to note here is that at the end of the day, IS Drive can actually be used to download illegal content from other torrent sites like IsoHunt and Mininova, although Kepner claims that he has made it kinda difficult to achieve. His philosophy seems to be, if you are hell bent on downloading illegal stuff, no one can stop you – even Apple .
IS drive will set you back by $4.99 (
) andis compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. It works with only ImageShack’s paid subscription service.
It remains to be seen if it will pulled from the App Store.Do you think Apple will remove it from the App Store? Tell us in the comments.

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