Adobe Working On Photoshop Companion App For Apple’s iPad

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After receiving considerable feedback, Adobe seems to have made initial mockups and demos of the potential features that would appear on the Photoshop companion app for the iPad.
At last week's Adobe MAX conference, Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch showcased a content-aware fill tool running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.
For iPad users, there was an interesting color-mixing paint palette application, which was used to mix colors with a virtual palette. The 'Painter” can then select them and finger paint on an image hosted on a connected computer.
According to Lynch, he wanted to bring the actual experience of mixing colors using a physical palette to the virtual world. The only difference would be that there are no messy colors here and that the palette would be your beloved tablet.
John Nack, the Adobe Systems program manager at the helm of Adobe's tablet venture seems to have concrete plans in place to bring the Photoshop experience to tablets complete with multitouch and gesture control support.
,Nack writes:
We're trying some different design directions, making stand-alone imaging tools for tablets, as well as companions to Creative Suite apps
While we're a far cry from reaching a stage where your tablet could handle full fledged graphic editing, simple stuff like retouching tools, liquifying and drawing could be distinct possibilities of the near future.
Are youexcitedabout the possibility of some sort of Photoshop functionality on your iPad andpossiblyeven the iPhone ?

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