Parallels Mobile App For iPhone And iPad Lets Users Remotely Access Mac And Windows Desktops

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The new app is an extension of the Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac software that was released last week. The software application enables users to seamlessly access their Windows desktop from a Mac computer using the company's cloud delivery system. The Parallels app can be installed on the users'
and can be used to access either the Mac or Windows desktops.
The Parallels application opens up a wide range of new possibilities for iPhone and iPad users. As you can see from the demo video embedded below, users may access applications like Excel,PowerPointand Outlook from their iPad or iPhone . In addition to this, the Parallels app also provides a way for users to launch Flash applications on their iDevice. However, as it goes without saying, Flash-based games that will require a mouse-based navigation control may not work optimally using this system.
. But do remember that you will need to install the Parallels Desktop for Mac software on your computer for the app to work. The latest Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac is available for
at a price of $79.99.
? Do you think this will improve your productivity on the go? Tell us in the comments.

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