News Roundup: Apple Approving Long Stalled Apps, AT&T To Launch LTE (4G) Network & iProd Is The New Apple TV

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, the announcements have already resulted in a lot of long-stalled iPhone app submissions being approved to the
. The report cites the case of Bryan Bartow, a Texas based developer whose
MePing was left unapproved for more than six months. The article notes that Bryan's app has now been accepted to the App Store. You may also remember the case of Sean Kovacs, the developer of the popular GV Mobile iPhone app, whose application is
by the App Review staff once again.
expected to be rolled out by mid-2011. The new network infrastructure shall cover close to 75 million people by the end of next year. Ma Bell is also learned to be making significant investments on its 3G network infrastructure that is expected to serve as a fallback for those customers who will not be receiving 4G connectivity until later. The new HSPA+ technology is known to offer real-world download speeds of close to 7Mbps that is significantly higher than the real-world speeds offered by the current HSPA 7.2 technology.
iProd 2,1 Reference Traced To Apple TV:
has offered us a glimpse of upcoming devices many times in the past. Earlier this year, developers discovered
. Considering that the original
iProd 1,1
“, it was widely believed that the iOS code was the second generation iPad. It has however been confirmed now that iProd 2,1 actually refers to the new Apple TV.
“We've received a tip from an iPhone developer who was looking through the USB device configuration list in the new iOS 4.2 beta. Our source found the fascinating configuration descriptor shown above. Noted as iProd in the device configuration, this slip shows that this instance of iProd is the new Apple TV, not a new, unannounced iPad.”

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