News Roundup: Apple Acquires Imsense For HDR Feature, iPad To Launch In New Markets And iOS 4.2 Beta Release Imminent

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We have now learned that Apple may have acquired a Cambridge based company in order to bring this feature to the iPhone . According to reports on
, Apple acquired imsense back in July 2010 primarily for its technology named ”
“. This technology is noted to help in the production of instantaneous Dynamic Range Correction in both standard and HDR photos. It is also learned that three of Apple 's officers are presently serving as directors in the acquired company. Though this acquisition has more or less been confirmed, Apple has curiously not acknowledged it so far.
Meanwhile, the past few days have been quite eventful for iPad lovers. Here is a roundup of iPad news from the past 24 hours.
on its stores in the coming weeks. The screenshots note an unnamed product in six different versions that shall go on sale starting October 3. The prices of these models match with the prices of the iPad in the US.
Apple has officially announced the launch of the Wi-Fi only models of iPad in China starting 10:00 AM on September 17. While there is no word on the iPad 3G launch, the prices of the Wi-Fi models have been revealed as CNY3988 ($590), CNY4788 ($708) and CNY5588 ($827) for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively. Apart from China, the iPad is also slated to launch in five Latin American countries from Friday. The countries include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
Developers Testing iOs 4.x For iPad
shall be launched in November this year. Traditionally, developers who have signed up to Apple 's general iOS Developer Program get early access to the upcoming platforms in order to allow them build products compatible with the new release. Interestingly, though iOS 4.2 for iPad is yet to be made available to the members of the general iOS Developer Program, we have now learned that at least a select few developers may have already received their copy of the new OS. Epic Games, developers of Epic Citadel – a gaming application demoed during the September 1 media event, have released a fresh update to their application that they claim will fix ”
“. The revelation could also possibly imply that a general release of iOS 4.2 to developers could be coming soon.

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