iPhone 4 Launches In UAE And Qatar But Without FaceTime

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after we heard reports that Apple had removed description and photos referencing FaceTime from its Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen website.
has confirmed that the video calling feature is missing from iPhone 4s sold at UAE carriers Etisalat and du, as well as those from Vodafone Qatar.
However, the carriers are blaming Apple for dropping the feature and are apparently speaking to Apple to reinstate the feature in the future.
Interestingly, some
users who had bought their iPhone 4s from abroad are reporting that the feature is working fine. But it looks like Apple dropped the feature in
for Middle East customers as few users are reporting that the feature disappears after installing iOS 4.1.
Though Apple has not provided any reason for dropping the feature, it is being speculated that Apple decided to drop the feature as some of these countries have banned certain VoIP services in the past.
If you’re in the Middle East and have any more information on the situation then please let us know in the comments section below.

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