iOS 4.1 For Apple TV Reveals New iPhones, Unknown Device; References To FaceTime, DVD, Bluetooth Support For Apple TV?

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The current iPhone 4 is actually called iPhone 3,1 in Apple product-speak. But the AppleTV firmware makes reference to new versions 3,2 and 3,3.
As you can see from screenshot of the code snippet, there is references to “iPhone 3,2″ and “iPhone 3,3″.
Apple uses these models numbers to distinguish between different hardware models.For example: The original iPhone carries the model number of “iPhone 1,1″, while the
is labeled “iPhone 1,2″,
is labeled “iPhone 2,1″ and the model number of
is “iPhone 3,1″.
These numbers do not change for simple storage increases and instead represent functionally different devices.Based on this, it looks like Apple is working on two new iPhones (“iPhone 3,2″, “iPhone 3,3″). We have heard several rumors of Apple working on a
, which has been
. The third version could be the China version of the iPhone .
And if that is not interesting enough then there also seems to be reference to to a 20547 unknown device.
Cult Of Mac has also published some images of the code references that were found in the new Apple TV firmware, which indicate that Apple TV might support DVD, Bluetooth and also get FaceTime – Apple video calling feature probably via
We don’t want to sound pessimistic but references to Bluetooth and FaceTime is probably left over code from iOS 4.1 for iPhone and
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