Survey: 34% Of AT&T’s iPhone Customers Waiting For Another iPhone Carrier To Upgrade

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Backing up these claims is a recent study conducted by market research firm, Morpace. In their survey of over 1000 consumers, the researchers found that nearly half of the current lot of iPhone users would consider to migrate to Verizon if such an option was made available.
The survey also found that nearly 34% of current AT&T iPhone users were holding back on an iPhone upgrade in order to migrate to another carrier when the AT&T exclusivity ends.
that has been plagued by network connectivity and congestion related issues. Ironically, a primary reason behind the deterioration of the AT&T network has been the carrier's exclusivity with Apple for the sale of iPhones. Previous studies have shown that iPhone customers consume nearly
than users of other smartphones like Blackberry. This had prompted Ma Bell to replace its unlimited data usage plans
that charged users based on their monthly data consumption. Also, the carrier has been experimenting with solutions like
to alleviate network issues. Despite these efforts, the carrier continues to
Several sources have pointed out to a possibility for the iPhone to launch on Verizon early next year. Apple is learned to have ordered ”
. There are also rumors about the
later this year. With less than five months to go for these rumored launches to take place, it will be interesting to see how AT&T plans to fight competition.
Are you also waiting for another carrier to offer iPhone to upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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