Multifl0w Brings Expos-like Multitasking To iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

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Aaron Ash, developer of popular Multifl0w –
that brought Palm Pre Exposé-like multitasking for iOS back in November 2009, has just released a revamped version of his app, which is compatible with iOS 4. The new version is even better.
Multifl0w shows all open apps (up to 9) on the same screen, for easy and quick task switching. This makes it more intuitive and it also quicker to close the app compared to Apple ’s implementation as you can just tap on the cross button.
The apps can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange them.
In iOS4, Multifl0w can work alongside or totally replace Apple 's task switcher by going to Settings –> Multifl0w –> Activation Methods –> Home Button – tap on Double Press
Its also compatible on iOS 3.1.X (but you need to install the free Backgrounder jailbreak app).
Checkout this demo video of Multifl0w in action, its pretty impressive:
users as it brings multitasking to the iPad, which is currently not natively supported in
Multiflow costs $4.99 and is available on Cydia and Rock Your Phone store.
We would love to find out what you think about Multifl0w and if you plan to replace Apple ’s task switcher with it.

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