Google Goggles Coming To The iPhone By The End Of The Year

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The Register reports that David Petrou, a Google engineer working on the Goggles project talking at Monday's Hot Chips conference at Stanford University in California confirmed that Google is working on an app to bring their search-by-sight feature to the iPhone :
“We're working on an iPhone version, and hope to have it out by the end of the year.”
rather than an iPhone web app, which Google prefers as it is easier and faster to rollout new changes:
“There is a new part of HTML5 that allows you to acquire an image from a camera. And that's really nice and really useful, but we don't think it's sufficient for something like Goggles that needs very fine control over the camera.
The unfortunate reality is that we have to write client apps. If something were a web app, we could change and test on one per cent of our traffic, just like that.”
, which has still not been approved.

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