Executive In Charge Of iPhone’s Hardware Leaves Apple Due To iPhone 4 Antennagate

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In a statement, an Apple spokesman, Steve Dowling, confirmed Mr. Papermaster’s departure. Mr. Dowling said Mr. Papermaster “is leaving the company and Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of Macintosh hardware engineering, is assuming his responsibilities.”
Mr. Mansfield already oversees several technologies that are part of the iPhone , including the A4 chip, the retina display and touch screens, Mr. Dowling said.
Apple had fought a legal battle with IBM to get Papermaster, who was the VP in charge of IBM’s microprocessor division.
John Gruber of Daring Fireball claims that according to his source inside Apple , Papermaster was “
”. He goes on to provide more details:
From what I’ve heard, it’s clear he was canned. Papermaster was a conspicuous absence at the Antennagate press conference.
Another quote from the same source: “Apparently the antenna guys used to have a big chip on their shoulder. No more.”
was a more advanced antenna design compared to any other smartphone. He also insisted that iPhone 4’s antenna is superior to that of the
and that there is no antennagate. So why did he get fired if there is no problem?
One can always speculate that someone senior abruptly leaving the company was fired, but in my opinion, Papermasteras head of iPhone 's hardwarerealised that he had to take the blame for the unwanted publicity and decided to leave Apple .
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