Details Of Next Generation iPods, Mini iPad, iPhone 5 And Cheaper All-Silicone iPhone 4 Bumper Leaked?

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Apple apparently has 3 iPod models ready and could introduce them as early as this month or latest by September.
According to iLounge, the new models include the
and iPod nano, while the third model could be a new touch screen iPod shuffle.
This is quite likely as Apple usually refreshes its iPod product line in September every year.
Apple is planning to introduce a smaller 7-inch iPad model either later this year or early next year. This is not the first time we’re hearing rumors of a mini-iPad. Back in April we had reported that
According to iLounge, Apple might launch iPhone 5 as early as January next year because of the iPhone 4 antenna issue.
We are quite skeptical about this one. But we have also heard rumors that that
from early next year so can’t rule it out completely.
iLounge reports that according to their source, Apple is working on a less expensive all-silicone version of the
Apple apparently was planning to bundle the bumper case with iPhone 4 but then decided against it, indicating that it was aware of the iPhone 4 antenna issue.
Their source has also told them that the original iPhone 4 case had more hard plastic than the final version.
We can’t wait to see Apple ’s next generation iOS devices. How about you?

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