Apple To Unveil iPod Touch 4 This Month?

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According to the Apple source, the event could be scheduled between August 14-16.
however speculates the announcements to be made on a Monday or Tuesday, which would make an August 16-17 timeline more likely.
The revelation is interesting considering that Apple has traditionally launched new models of iPod during the month of September. This year could however see Apple split the event over a two month period to focus on iOS and non-iOS based product announcements.
points out that Apple is also rumored to make an announcement with respect to its iLife media organization software around the 17th of this month and that this could be part of its media event as well.
. We had reported yesterday about the possibility of
. As we had pointed out, this will require Apple to significantly reduce the curved-edge design of the current model that would bring the iPod Touch design closer to the new squared-edge design of
. Also, with the speculated introduction of
, it will be interesting to see how Apple intends to synchronize its product offering across the different iDevices.
What are your wishlists for the media event? Let us know in the comments below.

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