Apple Might Release New iPhone 4 To Fix Antenna Problem By End Of September?

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According to Marco Quatorze, Telcel's Director of Value Added Services, the iPhone 4 sold in Mexico will initially be the same hardware as that sold in the U.S. and elsewhere, with Apple offering a free case to address potential issues with antenna performance. But he also noted that as of September 30th, when the free case program expires, revised hardware without the reception issues will become available.
The veracity of Quatorze's claim is unknown, as it is unclear whether a carrier executive at his level would even be privy to such information, and it is possible that he may simply be mistaken in his understanding of Apple 's September 30th expiration date for the free case program.
Steve Jobs believed that they have got to the heart of the problem and that is the smarphones have weak spots, which is a challenge to the entire industry.
After all this, if Apple releases a revised version of iPhone 4, its going to turn into another PR nightmare for Apple as early adopters are going to be really pissed off.
The only reason that can force Apple to release a revision version (assuming it has a fix for the antenna issue) would be a drastic drop in demand for iPhone 4. But according to Apple , demand for iPhone 4 is
, which clearly shows that customers don’t think the antenna issue is a deal breaker.
4 to fix the antenna issue.In my opinion, Apple bought some time by launching the iPhone 4 case program until September 30 to see if it can bundle the free case while shipping iPhone 4 rather than running a separate program until it releases the
in mid 2011 as I’m sure it adding unnecessary overheads.
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