Apple Media Event Rumors – Smaller iPod Nano, Social iTunes And More

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One such announcement is the next generation iPod nano. Several sources have pointed out to the possibility for the new iPod nano to become significantly smaller than the current model. According to Shaw Wu from Kaufman Bros., Apple has been sourcing components for a new iPod nano model that could come without a clickwheel. Wu indicates that this could be one of Apple 's strategies to turnaround the sales of iPod nano that has seen a slowdown in recent times.
who have published pictures from a Chinese website displaying cases for Apple 's next-generation model of iPod nano. As you can see from the pictures embedded below, the new iPod nano appears to be much squarer than the current model that enjoys a widescreen display. Also, you may notice the open strip on the rear side that could possibly house a camera or a built-in clip for volume control.
The iPod nano is not the only product to have missed out on the headlines of late. Peter Kafka from
. But unlike popular perception, Kafka says that Apple could be deferring on the
and could instead be launching a web-based iTunes service, which ismore social.. He says that the new version of the web-based iTunes service would enable easy syncing across the internet and make it easy for users to share their music tastes – not songs – with their users. Kafka writes:
“Right now, you can get to the iTunes store only by using a downloaded program on your Mac or iPhone /iPod /iPad. But a Web-based version would allow buyers to get there without having to quit other applications. And if Apple makes it easier for services like Twitter and Facebook to link into the store and share recommendations, playlists and the like, then you can imagine some pretty interesting possibilities.”
Another speculation doing the rounds is about a new wireless syncing system that will enable users to sync music between their iPhone and laptop without having to connect the two devices. We must point out that these speculations do not have too much backing at the moment and need to be taken with a grain of salt.
This has been an interesting week of speculations. Are you excited about the upcoming media event?

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