YouTube Launches New Mobile Site; Much Better Than Native iPhone App

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The load time and quality of videos on the web app are comprehensively better than those experienced on the iPhone 's native mobile app. According to Doronichev, this is because the
The new web application includes a lot of new HTML5 features including the video tag. This makes the application accessible from any present-day HTML5 compliant web browser including those present on Apple and Android handsets
The new UI is enhanced with features like the search auto-complete function that was available only on the full website. It incorporates larger and more touch friendly controls to access the website. The web application makes use of the recently introduced '
' rating system. In comparison, the iPhone 's YouTube app still uses the older 5-star ratings sysem that was abandoned earlier this year
Doronichev has revealed that Google plans to rollout many more enhancements to its mobile web app. He has said that the web-based nature of this application will provide the company the flexibility to introduce these enhancements at a faster pace. One of the iterations in pipeline is support for mobile ads. This move will improve the monetization prospects for content owners who are then likely to provide access to more content to web app users as compared to what is offered on the native mobile apps. Doronichev claims that this will benefit users in the long run.
users are likely to see a few bugs on the interface, which are expected to be fixed in a few weeks time. Nevertheless, you may try out the new web app by visiting
on your iPhone . Do you like the new interface? Do you like the YouTube's new mobile site more than the native iPhone app? Tell us in the comments.

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