New iPhone Apps Turn iPhone 4 Into A Flashlight

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The flashlight apps turn iPhone 4 into a flashlight by turning on the LED flash. Until now, we’ve seen Flashlight apps that use iPhone ’s screen for the light. Another alternative is to point iPhone ’s Safari browser to about:blank.
But Apple seems to have changed its mind and has started approving iPhone 4 flashlight apps after Michael D'Ulisse of MoreBluSky who was one of the first developers to come up with the idea reached out to Phil Schiller, Apple 's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing.
It also looks like Apple has approved these apps after developers put a disclaimer, which states that
At the time of writing this post, there were already 14 (1 free and 13 paid) flashlight iPhone apps on the App Store (
A flashlight app can be quite useful when you wake up in the night or there is a power cut and the closest thing that you have is your iPhone . But will users pay $0.99 for them is the big question. What do you think?

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