New Flipboard App For iPad Creates Personalized Socially Curated Newspaper

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This is how Flipboard works. Users who have installed the application are required to sign in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once this is done, the app's content-parser generates a list of articles shared by the user's friends in an elegant format. Users can tap on an article to read them, flip through the article pages as they would with a physical newspaper, '
' or retweet links to their Facebook and Twitter followers or even bookmark the article for a later read using Instapaper. In addition to content shared by social network friends, Flipboard also lets users to add content from a list of pre-selected sources including website RSS feeds and natively curated lists like FlipTech and FlipPhotos. Check out the video of the app in action below.
couple of days back and has received extremely glowing reviews from top media outlets since then. The hype surrounding its public debut resulted in crashing the Flipboard servers. Many users who installed the app on their
“Due to overwhelming interest we are currently limiting the rate at which we are accepting new Facebook and Twitter connections.”
Flipboard has released an updated version of their iPad app thatwill create a wait list for users trying to connect to their Twitter and Facebook accounts so that they can handle the load more effectively until they add more servers.
Despite the hype surrounding the app, a few questions about the business model remain. The first is with respect to the monetization aspect. The Flipboard app is free to download and according to the company's co-founder Evan Doll, Flipboard shall offer a subscription service for access to content from partner publishers with whom the company shall share their revenues.
However, Gizmodo has questioned the legality of the Flipboard model. The application's content parser does not make use of publicly available website RSS feeds and instead scrapes content directly from the publishers' websites. Critics argue that Flipboard may be violating copyrights using this model. However, according to Evan Doll, the application is treading on a fair use policy. He says:
“We do not offer a “full article” view in Flipboard for articles of arbitrary length. If the user wants to read the full article, they tap “Read on Web” and are taken to the full site in an embedded browser.
We see Flipboard a great way to discover content, particularly recommendations from your friends of sources that you may not already subscribe to. As such, we believe that we're providing value to content creators by helping to drive new readers in their direction. As mentioned before, though, we are happy to limit or hide content as requested.”
Nevertheless, Flipboard presents an innovative and exciting way to read news content on the iPad. You may download the Flipboard application from the App Store by
We would love to hear your views about the iPad app in the comments section below.

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