iPhone 4 Launching In 17 New Countries Today

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, Apple 's carrier partners in Australia opened their stores at midnight local time instead of Apple 's officially announced retail store opening time of 8:00 AM in a bid to outscore competition. Carriers offering the
in Australia include Optus, Telstra and Vodafone/3. Each of these
are reported to have only received around 12,000-13,000 units in the first batch and with carriers like Optus having reported pre-order numbers of over 100,000, the carriers are likely to run out of stock pretty quickly.
also reports that customers in queues outside the retail stores were treated to free booze, cuisine and music.
The launch however does not appear to have been smooth in Australia's eastern neighbor, New Zealand. Vodafone customers looking to secure an iPhone 4 on launch day were informed that the scheduled launch has been canceled due to a ”
“. Vodafone stores in the country were earlier reported to have sported signs that read,
Interestingly though, it is being learned that the stores finally began selling iPhone 4 units to customers by mid-day. A report on
has noted that Vodafone will begin the sale of subsidized iPhone 4 units at select non-partner stores from midday and that the Apple stores will commence the sale of non-subsidized units from Friday evening.
Reports from the rest of the countries where the iPhone 4 is launching are yet to come. Apple fans in South Korea may however be disappointed considering that their country was initially in the list of markets where the iPhone is launching today. The launch in the country was later scrapped and according to Steve Jobs, this was due to a delay in seeking government approval for the sale of the device in the country. Korean government officials have however refuted the claim and point out that Apple is yet to submit the iPhone 4 for approval.
Is the iPhone 4 launching in your country today? Are you queuing up outside the Apple Stores? Tell us in the comments.
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