iOS 3.2.1 For iPad Improves Wi-Fi Performance

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, the new iOS version has improved iPad's Wi-Fi performance. The website has published its findings from a recent study where the content download speed and raw http performance were measured and compared across a series of Wi-Fi ranges on two iPads running
For the study,
. The first phase of the study comprised of three tests conducted in an open field. For the tests, the iPads were studied for Wi-Fi performance at a distance of 20ft, 40ft and 60ft away from the router.
The second phase of study looked into the performance improvements in the presence of interferences. This was done by placing the router inside a house and the Wi-Fi performance was measured when the iPads were successively placed at a distance of 20ft, 40ft and 60ft with the number of wall interferences increasing in each case.
The study shows some pretty impressive improvement in Wi-Fi performance in iOS 3.2.1. The most striking improvement is in the second phase of study where the
was placed at a distance of 60ft with more than three walls separating the tablet from the router. The study noticed a 100% improvement in throughput in this case. Overall, the study found a 20% improvement in raw througput measurements.
The results from the study are very encouraging. You may download the latest version of iOS for the iPad via iTunes. Do you see similar improvement in Wi-Fi performance? Has it fixed the Wi-Fi connectivity issue? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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