How To Activate Your iPhone Without Official iPhone Carrier SIM

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Activating your iPhone means giving it access to the Home screen by telling your iPhone that you are using one of the iPhone 's official carriers. Activating your iPhone is done through iTunes in order to use it with an official iPhone carrier.
Hactivation is the process of activating your iPhone without using an official iPhone carrier SIM. Until now, you needed
to hactivate your iPhone . With Hasim’s method, you can hactivate your iPhone using phone book sim card, without actually going through the pains of hacking it.
Use any phonebook sim card, they are there in radioshak, mobile phone shops or any mobile tech moles , any phone book simcard will do the trick, no need for programmable sims, all those phonebook sims used to save ur contacts and transfer them have a universal ICCIDs preprogrammed so they all work.
To all those asking, I use this one
Yet, I used three other types and all work the same.
in case of iPhone 4.
So with this activation solution, iPhone users will be able to use this method to activate (or hacktivate) their iPhone and use tools like
to unlock their iPhone .
As always, please let us know how it goes.

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