Browser Speed Test – iOS 4 Vs. Windows Phone 7

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For the study, the website measured the page loading time on the Mobile Safari browser on an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 and compared it with the loading time on a mobile IE browser on a Samsung handset running Windows Phone 7. The Samsung phone is a test handset delivered by Microsoft to media outlets willing to test the new mobile OS. The device is powered by an ARM Cortex A8 600MHz processor and is pretty similar to the iPhone 3GS in terms of its specifications.
As you can see, the page load time on the
handset are significantly higher than the time it takes to load a page on iOS 4. The website has not elaborated on the test conditions and it is learned that the page load speeds were measured over a 3G network and not on Wi-Fi. While it is possible that browser speed measurements may be affected by the 3G network, the difference in performance between the two OS platforms is still very evident.
however points out that this test may not necessarily imply that Windows Phone 7 shall turn out to be an inferior product to iOS 4. The website notes:
“WinMo will doubtless be able to run on faster hardware upon release, and there's probably some speedups that they'll be able to do between now and the final version. So there's no way to call the fight over, with production devices not expected until the end of this year. As for now, though, the first round apparently goes to the iPhone .”
Microsoft has been playing catch-up in the smartphone segment for quite sometime now. Do you think the company will do well with the launch of Windows Phone 7? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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