BlindType Aims To Eliminate Touch Typing Frustrations For iPhone And iPad Users

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With BlindType, users can type on the touch screen the way they are used to, but without the traditional need to constantly focus on the keyboard. Although this would typically lead to countless spelling mistakes that would be impossible to autocorrect, BlindType predicts what the user intended to write with a success rate not previously seen on any other system.
Just type the way you are used to – no gestures, nothing new to learn!
BlindType has informed Engadget that they need to replace Apple ’s default button slate. They plan to submit the iOS app to the App Store for the iPhone and
“to put pressure on Apple to finally allow this kind of thing”.
It will be interesting to see if BlindType's iPhone app is approved by Apple . Butbased on the video, it looks quite promising.Let us know what you think about the iPhone app in the comments.

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