BlackBerry Torch 9800: Is RIM’s Best BlackBerry Ever An iPhone Killer?

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The BlackBerry Torch comes installed with the all-new BlackBerry OS 6 that is touch-enabled and seamlessly integrates the old email message interface, contextual menus and contacts with a more modern UI. The new OS also comes with a universal search feature that makes it extremely simple to access all the contents on the handset including the messages, contacts and UI themes from the home screen. Besides this, there are also several other enhancements made to the music and podcast services on the new BlackBerry Torch.
While these enhancements definitely make the new BlackBerry Torch the best among BlackBerry phones, we are not sure if the OS is actually better than
on iPhone 4. As you already know, Apple has introduced close to 100 new features on the latest iOS that still retains the minimalistic look and feel of the older versions.
The iPhone 4 is a clear winner in this category. Though the 3.2″ display size of the BlackBerry Torch is only marginally lower than the 3.5″ screen on iPhone 4, the real difference lies in the screen resolution. The iPhone 4 is equipped with a
. On the other hand, the BlackBerry Torch display is only packed with 360×480 pixels that is not only lower than the iPhone 4 display, but is also significantly lower than the display resolution of most smartphones that have been launched in recent times.
Users who are uncomfortable with the iPhone 's virtual keyboard must find the sliding physical QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry Torch a relief. However, the phone fails to appeal on few other counts. For instance, the Torch is powered by a 624MHz processor that is considerably slower than the
that powers the iPhone 4. Both the phones offer a 512MB internal memory. Torch comes withonly 4GB of onboard storage compared to iPhone 4'smaximum storage capacity of 32GB, but Torch has a microSD memory slot to extend the memory available.
. It is however worth noting that pixel count is just one measure of camera sensor quality and so the quality of images shot from the iPhone 4needs to be compared with those shot fromBlackBerry Torch after some real world testing. Also, unlike the
, the Torch does not offer the HD video recording functionality. It also doesn't have a front-facing camera to allow users to video chat.
Though it is unfair to pass a judgement before we get to hear about factors like battery life, we think the iPhone beats the BlackBerry Torch just from the tech specs that we know so far. Apart from the superior hardware specs and display resolution, the iPhone also comes integrated with a much larger suite of third party applications that enhances the value proposition of the device. The new BlackBerry phone should nevertheless appeal to regular BlackBerry users who are used to the traditional BlackBerry interface.
What are your views on RIM's new BlackBerry Torch?

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