AT&T Offers Free 3G MicroCell To Select Customers For Their “Continued Loyalty”

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In addition to this, several iPhone customers recently saw their upgrade eligibility
with a new two year contract. If these reports were not proof enough, here is more evidence that AT&T may be working on ways to retain its loyal subscriber base.
“. Interestingly though, the letter appears to have been sent even to customers who have had their subscription with the
for only a few months.
source points out that his family contract was set to expire shortly and that this could be a reason behind AT&T's offer. Here is a copy of the letter sent by AT&T to these select customers.
As you may be aware,
is a range-boosting femtocell that helps in improving the cellular reception by tapping into the user's home broadband. The device is priced at $150 and an additional monthly cost of $19.99 for unlimited minutes. It must be noted that the data consumed using the AT&T MicroCell shall count towards your monthly usage limit.
Have you received a similar letter from AT&T? What do you think about AT&T's latest offer? Write to us in the comments.

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