Apple Posts Videos Of Droid X And Nokia N97 Mini Antenna Performance And Their Weak Spots

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Not surprisingly, that didn’t go down too well with Apple ’s competitors.
for drawing them into the antenna issue.
Apple has updated its website to show how Motorola’s Droid X and Nokia N97 mini lose signal strength when you grip them in a certain way.
In case of Motorola Droid X, the location of internal antenna is at the bottom.
In weak signal areas, if you grip Motorola Droid X as seen above then it may negatively affect signal strength.
In case of Nokia N97 mini, the location of internal antenna is also at the bottom.
In weak signal areas, if you grip Nokia N97 mini as seen above then it way may negatively affect signal strength.
When Apple had published the pages on smartphone antenna performance on its website, some of our readers had pointed out that Apple had not demonstrated the issue on popular smartphones like Driod X, which was the latest competitor to iPhone 4. It is very clear from these videos that all smartphones face the death grip issue and is not limited to just iPhone 4.
As we have mentioned before there are few benefits of having an external antenna (in case of iPhone 4) such as better signal quality (since its not in a casing), better battery life as Apple has been able to squeeze in a bigger battery, better aesthetics, more structural rigidity but it is at the expense of a more visible and sensitive “weak spot”. That is the reason Apple had to explain the death grip problem after iPhone 4 was launched and not with earlier iPhone models.
and offering a full refund to customers who are not happy getting a free case even though it had found that it is affecting a very small percentage of users based on the data it had collected.
But we have maintained that at the end of the day, customers will vote whether the trade-off is a deal breaker. According to Apple , demand for iPhone 4 is stunning and
, which clearly shows that customers don’t think it’s a deal breaker.
Do you think the iPhone 4 reception issue has been blown out of proportion by the media? Do you feel let down by the mobile industry for being silent about an issue that has been a challenge for a very long time?
After seeing the videos of other smartphones having the death grip issue, do you think iPhone 4’s antenna issue is a deal breaker? Let us know in the comments.

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