Apple Is Selling Every iPhone 4 It Can Make; Indicates Antenna Issue Is Not A Deal-Breaker

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When he was asked whether the iPhone 4 antenna issues had impacted sales, he responded:
Let me be very clear: We are selling every unit we can make.
When he was asked to further clarify on the effect of antenna issues and if there were more complaints and returns, he reiterated:
My phone is ringing off the hook with people asking for more demand. So hard to say. Returns are less than for iPhone 3GS, and the ones for this specific issue are extremely small.
We do not purposefully create a shortage for buzz. I’m not sure where that comes from.
, we had mentioned that there are few benefits of having an external antenna (in case of iPhone 4) such as better signal quality (since its not in a casing), better battery life as Apple has been able to squeeze in a bigger battery, better aesthetics, more structural rigidity but it is at the expense of a more visible and sensitive “weak spot”. That is the reason Apple had to explain the death grip problem after iPhone 4 was launched and not with earlier iPhone models.
and offering a full refund to customers who are not happy getting a free case even though it had found that it is affecting a very small percentage of users based on the data it had collected.
But we have maintained that at the end of the day, customers will vote whether the trade-off is a deal breaker. According to Apple , demand for iPhone 4 is stunning and they’re selling every
unit they can make, which clearly shows that customers don’t think it’s a deal breaker.
Let us know what your views in the comments.

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