Analyst Claims Apple Has Developed A Design Fix For iPhone 4 Antenna Problem

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Apple has created “a design fix for the iPhone 4 that more adequately insulates the transceiver,” said Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, who spoke to the company's manufacturing partners.
Apple has told its manufacturers to alter the iPhone production process to include an internal component that will insulate the defective antenna connection that has disrupted the phone's signal reception, said Kumar. This internal bumper will give Apple a non-cosmetic solution and will presumably avoid the need to change the appearance of the phone, said Kumar.
also points out that according to Apple 's online store shows that iPhone 4 will ship in 3 weeks if you order it now, which apparently has gone up from 7 to 10 days a few days back, indicating that Apple might be making changes in the manufacturing process to incorporate the design fix.
I guess it will depend on whether the fix can be applied to existing iPhones or if the iPhones will have to be replaced. Some analysts believe that Apple might offer
for free to customers who have already purchased the new iPhone 4 as it definitely seems to resolve the problem.
What's your take on iPhone 4's antenna problem? Do you think its a design flaw?

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